Mayor answers to London


[Supplementary question]

Question number0825/2003
Meeting date26/03/2003

Question by Mike Tuffrey

I was hoping, optimistically, that you would either give us a long list of the 27, which I could read out, although I'm supposed to be asking the questions, or assure us that in the five days left you will get round to doing them.

One of the difficulties of keeping tabs on what you are up to is the disappearing commitment. Do you recall saying, "I will instigate a Londonwide programme of crime mapping?" That was in your manifesto. It showed up in the Business Plan monitoring report earlier last year and, indeed, it showed up in here, your Annual Report for last year. Your top commitment for 2002/2003: "Produce a London crime map on key issues". That has completely disappeared from the progress monitoring. Can you tell us where that has gone to?

Answer by Ken Livingstone (1st Term)

I don't have direct operational control of the Metropolitan Police. Were I to do so, it would have been delivered. Sir John Stevens is putting in place better accumulation of data for that crime mapping; we're not making as much progress as I would like. I would like something like COMSTAT here in London but I don't have the power to impose it.