Mayor answers to London

Transport Strategy

[Supplementary question]

Question number0929/2008
Meeting date21/05/2008

Question by Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson (Deputy Chair): I am disappointed that you are scrapping the £25 Congestion Charge. It is something that the Greens worked closely with the previous Mayor on.

One of the things that we did have a lot of clashes with Ken Livingstone on was over the Thames Gateway Bridge. Are you going to scrap plans for this horrendous six lane road bridge which is going to add to traffic, add to emissions and worsen the problem of climate change?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): We are certainly not pursuing the current proposal. I do not think the proposal is well sited or well thought out.

Darren Johnson (Deputy Chair): If you are not pursuing that are you going to be looking at the independent report which is one of the last things that the Greens managed to squeeze out of the previous Mayor in the final days of his administration? It puts some wonderful ideas forward as alternatives to the current proposals for a six lane road bridge. Are you going to look at that?

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): I will certainly look at your alternatives. What are they? Do you envisage a kind of catapult!

Darren Johnson (Deputy Chair): They are not from me; they are from independent transport experts. There is a range of options: a public transport only bridge; not having cars on but allowing some commercial vehicles and public transport; a cable car, which is an exciting idea. There are lots of ideas there.

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): I do think that everybody in London has got to accept that we do need another crossing east of Tower Bridge. Yes?

Darren Johnson (Deputy Chair): Look at a cable car!

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): A cable car? Well, we will look at a cable car.