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Cycling and potholes

Question number0817/2013
Meeting date20/03/2013

Question by Darren Johnson

What are you doing to ensure that an adequate proportion of cycling spend is devoted to the proper maintenance of cycle lanes and ensuring they are free from potholes?

Answer by Boris Johnson

I am fully aware of the implications that poor surface conditions can have on the ride quality and safety of cyclists, as indeed for other road users, and encourage all London authorities to apply suitable highway maintenance standards.

I am pleased to say that as from April of this year, TfLÂ’s maintenance arrangements will include bespoke inspection regimes and defect categorisation requirements for the designated cycle routes on the TfL Road Network, so that future maintenance activity will closely reflect the intensity of cycle activity upon them. TfL also supports the boroughs by the provision of maintenance funds for Cycle Superhighways to ensure that maintenance standards can be commensurate with their high level of use by cyclists.

As you will appreciate, however, it then falls to each of London's 33 local authorities to determine their own priorities, deciding what proportion of their resources are to be allocated to highway maintenance and within that, what their specific priorities are for maintaining cycle facilities. That said, the law requires highways to be maintained commensurate with use and clearly those with high cycle use have different maintenance requirements to those that don't, so each London authority should recognise the special needs of cyclists in their maintenance plans.

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