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Dangerous road junction, BugsbyÂ’s Way

Question number3618/2012
Meeting date21/11/2012

Question by Len Duvall

There have been a number of pedestrian fatalities at the Bugsby Way junction in Greenwich as a result of bus collisions. Will the Mayor press TfL and the Royal Borough of Greenwich to make radical changes at this junction to prevent further and unnecessary threats to pedestrian safety?

Answer by Boris Johnson

TfL recognises there are safety issues associated with this junction and has been actively working with the Royal Borough of Greenwich as the highway authority to resolve them.

Officers from both parties met on site on 3 May 2012 to discuss possible remedial measures, with the Metropolitan Police also in attendance. Several proposals were considered and the agreed improvement works began on 5 November 2012.

This work includes amending the design of the junction to install a speed table, and rephasing the signal timings to assist pedestrians to cross the road safely. TfL, with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, will of course monitor the impact of these changes to determine whether any further revisions are required.

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