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Question number1422/2012
Meeting date23/05/2012

Question by Nicky Gavron

A constituent asks “whether a similar system to that operated in the USA in major cities could be implemented in London – rent control? This system has been operated for nearly a century and ensures those who rent properties especially in the private sector pay a fair price. I previously moved due to an increase in rents for a property whose value had not changed nor had any services or features.

I also believe if rents were controlled then less skilled/key workers would be forced away from areas where they are needed most and would also give stability to areas – something which parts of London is missing to be honest.”

Answer by Boris Johnson

Where rent control has been tried, it has limited the supply of rented homes and led to the deterioration in the quality of properties. My focus is on looking at ways to increase supply and improve quality in the private rented sector, through encouraging investment and extending landlord accreditation.

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Nicky Gavron