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Negotiations on air pollution rules (1)

Question number1289/2012
Meeting date23/05/2012

Question by Jenny Jones

Can you provide an update on the negotiations between AIR (Air-Quality Initiative of Regions) and the European Commission regarding a more 'flexible' approach to air quality rules?

Answer by Boris Johnson

London is a member of the Air Quality Initiative of the Regions (AIR). AIR was founded in 2011 and represents 12 regions from seven European Union (EU) Member States. These are: Baden-Württemberg, Catalunya, Emilia-Romagna, Greater London, Hessen, Lombardia, North Rhine-Westphalia, Piemonte, Randstad, Steiermark, Veneto and Vlaanderen. Together these regions represent 22% of EU GDP and 18% of the EU¬ís population (87.6 million inhabitants). These regions, which include some of the most densely populated and industrialised areas of the EU, have been at the forefront of air quality management over recent years.

Together we are lobbying the European Commission to provide more resources at regional level to improve air quality, to provide leadership at the European-level by addressing major emissions sources and to share best practice amongst regions. AIR is committed to taking action to improve air quality and protect human health. The group is currently preparing a joint position paper to feed into the Commission’s proposed update of the Air Quality Directive.

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