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TfL contract with Associated Newspapers Ltd (1)

Question number0274/2012
Meeting date25/01/2012

Question by Mike Tuffrey

How much revenue is generated through TfL’s contract with Associated Newspapers Ltd, which allows free ‘Metro’ newspapers to be distributed at around 250 underground stations and 14 bus stations on weekday mornings? Please list by year from 2008.

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Written answer received on 17 February 2012:

Revenue from distribution of Metro Newspapers:

2008/9 £2.934m

2009/10 £3.160m

2010/11 £3.920m

2011/12 £2.554m (to date)

In addition to this revenue, TfL has its own dedicated page in each Metro publication, reaching an average audience of 330,000 London commuters every weekday.

Metro also contributes financially to London Underground’s environmental initiatives and provides advertising space for TfL passenger information campaigns.

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