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Air Quality on London Greenways

Question number0263/2012
Meeting date25/01/2012

Question by Mike Tuffrey

New research findings from Sustrans suggest that levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) on London Greenways (safe, quiet routes through parks, green spaces and lightly trafficked streets) are up to 60% lower than on adjacent busy roads. Given this dramatically improved air quality, and in view of the public health benefits, will you increase the dedicated annual funding stream for London’s Greenways to its previous level of £4m (2009/10) and establish a strategic network across London?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

I am pleased to recognise and promote the myriad benefits of cycling and have long held that Greenways provide a positive way for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and abilities to make the most of London’s wealth of parks, open spaces and waterways. Transport for London is soon to publish the annual Greenways monitoring report that will complement the research done by Sustrans to which you refer.

TfL is already supporting the development of a strategic London Greenways network through its Greenways programme which, together with delivery partners such as Sustrans, the Royal Parks and British Waterways, opens up more of the Capital’s green and open spaces year-on-year. To further support this work, I plan to increase the budget for the Greenways programme from £0.8m to £1.9m for the next two years. Officers at TfL are now discussing with their delivery partners how to use this funding to best effect.

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