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Dust suppressant trial

Question number3370/2011
Meeting date16/11/2011

Question by Darren Johnson

What was the cost of the initial dust suppressant trial? Can you please outline the extent of the current dust suppressant activity in terms of the kilometres of road treated and the monthly cost of this activity?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

The cost of the first year of the trial was £200,000. This covered the cost of spreading of CMA for four months and the costs associated with monitoring and the publication of the interim monitoring report. To ensure that the project was delivered within a tight timeframe and efficiently the project utilised existing contracts and retrofitted existing machines. The first year of the trial treated approximately 44 lane kilometres at two priority locations in central London.

The Clean Air Funded programme of application of dust suppressants along priority corridors is approximately 126 lane kilometres. In one month where it doesnÂ’t rain and there are no scheduled breaks the cost of treating these corridors with three machines is £50,000. Overall, the Clean Air Fund has allocated £905,000 to the application of dust suppressants, which includes trials of the technology at industrial and construction sites.

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