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Cycling Revolution

Question number0157/2011
Meeting date09/11/2011

Question by Navin Shah

To achieve your target of increasing cycling by 400 per cent by 2026, one in six cyclable trips would need to be cycled everyday. How close are you to achieving this?

Answer by Boris Johnson (Chair, TfL) and Sir Peter Hendy (Commissioner, TfL)

Cycling in London is increasingly popular. On London’s major roads (the Transport for London Road Network) cycle flows have increased by 150 per cent over the past decade and grew by 15 per cent between 2009/10 and 2010/11 alone. Looking more widely across all London roads, our most recent Travel in London report estimates that the number of cycling journeys grew by 61 per cent in the period 2001 - 2009, with over half a million journeys being made by bicycle every day in 2009 (the most recent year's data available), representing 2 per cent of all journeys.

If growth in the number of cycling journeys is sustained at this rate, our ambitious target of increasing cycling by 400 per cent by 2026 (compared to 2001) will be achieved. New estimates of cycle travel in 2010 will be published in the fourth annual Travel in London report later this year.

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