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Dow Chemicals and the Olympic stadium

Question number3038/2011
Meeting date12/10/2011

Question by Darren Johnson

Are you concerned that LOCOG’s decision to appoint Dow Chemicals to provide the wrap for the Olympic Stadium is incompatible with the Olympic spirit and sustainability standards, and that by providing the company with 336 large advertising panels on the iconic building it may damage the reputation of the London 2012 Games? A wholly owned subsidiary of Dow is in the US courts over contamination of land and a groundwater aquifer in Bhopal, India, a matter separate to the better known 1984 gas disaster. Dow Chemicals was also fined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007, and another subsidiary was blacklisted by the Indian Government last year over charges of bribery. Will you therefore press LOCOG in your capacity on the Olympic Board to review this decision?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

All LOCOG's suppliers must comply with its Sustainable Sourcing Code and deliver to high standards of environmental responsibility. It is well known that Dow Chemical was not the owner of the plant at the centre of the Bhopal tragedy. We are aware that the company is involved in on-going legal action and it would not be appropriate to comment while this is in the courts.

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Darren Johnson