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Bow Roundabout

Question number2884/2011
Meeting date12/10/2011

Question by John Biggs

With the rapidly growing residential population of Stratford High Street, the need for safe pedestrian facilities at the Bow Roundabout will continue to grow and it is I fear a question of time before a serious pedestrian accident occurs. This is at present in the ‘too difficult’ box because of the impact of a pedestrian phase on vehicle flows. What leadership will you offer on this matter, as Chair of TfL as well as Mayor?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly.

Written answer received on 1 November 2011:

I absolutely agree that Bow Roundabout is a barrier to pedestrian movement and agree that the demand for safe pedestrian facilities will continue to increase as the local area is developed.

As you say, pedestrian levels at this location are expected to increase, as the area continues to be regenerated. Therefore, projected pedestrian numbers, key pedestrian routes and changes in traffic flows associated with proposed developments will be reviewed by TfL as part of the planning application process. TfL is already proposing urban realm improvements at the roundabout, which will include measures to improve pedestrian accessibility and legibility, such as new footway surfacing; reducing the amount of street clutter; improving uncontrolled crossings, by providing dropped kerbs and tactile paving; and providing Legible London signage.

TfL would be happy to discuss this with you in person. Do let Isabel Dedring’s office know if this would be helpful.

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