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Elephant & Castle Northern Roundabout Plans

Question number1858/2011
Meeting date15/06/2011

Question by Valerie Shawcross

At Mayor's Question Time in March 2009 you described Southwark Council's plans to turn the Elephant & Castle northern roundabout into a peninsular as "fantastic" and "amazing". However, TfL Network Assurance are now ruling out this proposal due to the possible impact on road traffic. Will you intervene to put this wonderful proposal back on track?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly.

Written answer received on 8 July 2011:

Last year TfL completed the Elephant & Castle Interchange Surface Feasibility Study.  The objective of the study was to identify a surface transport design concept to guide LB Southwark and their development partners as part of their Masterplan design.

Following on from this, TfL is now exploring a number of different options for improving the roundabout to support the Council’s wider vision for the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle. No decisions have yet been taken and at this stage no funding has been identified to deliver any such scheme.

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