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Suppressant trials for dust pollution

Question number1697/2011
Meeting date15/06/2011

Question by Darren Johnson

TfL is currently analysing outputs from the two sites under the dust suppressant trial. Why have you therefore already allocated funding to further use of dust suppressant use across high priority sites in London as part of your clean air fund?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Early feedback from the initial sites has given me confidence that this innovative technology has reduced air pollution on the roads in central London where it has been applied. Evidence from cleaning and dust suppressants (CADS) trials elsewhere in Europe also suggest that this technology could reduce PM10 concentrations at targeted sites by around 10 per cent. Funding for a package of measures to improve air quality has been agreed with the Department for Transport which, for the reasons stated above, includes an allocation to extend the trial use of CADS.

Given the importance of the 2011/12 air quality targets the final results of the initial trial, originally due to be published in the Autumn, will now be released in July. The results will be used to inform further expansion and optimisation of CADS application in 2011. Funding will also allow further monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the measure.

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