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Question number0715/2011
Meeting date23/02/2011

Question by Andrew Boff

What is the future of the GLA’s events programme? What events will take place in 2011/12, and how much GLA funding with each of these events receive?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

The GLA’s events programme is secure. I have agreed that the following events will be funded from the GLA Events for London budget in 2011/12

Event Budget 2011-12

Liberty Festival 100,000

London Mela 60,000

Notting Hill Carnival 190,000

Diwali 25,000

Vaisakhi 25,000

Eid 25,000

Armed Forces Day 5,000

Jewish Events 25,000

African / Black History 25,000

Pride 100,000

St Patrick's Day 100,000

Chinese New Year 100,000

St George's Day Funded from 2010/11

New Year's Eve 1,900,000

Mayor's Thames Festival 60,000

Cultural Campaigns 100,000

Carnaval Del Pueblo 60,000

Major civic events 250,000

Small festivals 25,000

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