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Question number0498/2011
Meeting date23/02/2011

Question by John Biggs

The fund is of course independent of you but closely associated with you. Are you concerned about its ability to raise funds or its performance and what can you report to us about its success so far? How many fundraising or other events have you held with or to promote the Fund since its inception?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

The Mayor's Fund has improved the lives of over 8,000 children since its inception and over 1,000 of those have been helped through intensive 1:1 work. The funding raised has been enough to do what the Fund has wanted to do. The Fund has ambitious plans for the future and is extending its geographical reach and impact. It needs to raise more funding to do that and these are difficult times for that, of course. Nevertheless the Fund has succeeded so far and is confident of its future. As Patron, I undertake six events a year for the Fund.

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