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Cycle Parking stands

Question number0290/2011
Meeting date26/01/2011

Question by Valerie Shawcross

How many new cycle parking stands have TfL funded and installed since May 2008. How many are in secure facilities?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

TfL monitors cycle parking delivery based on the number of cycle parking spaces delivered to inform progress towards my target to provide an additional 66,000 cycle parking spaces by 2012. Usually there are two spaces for every stand installed. TfL monitors progress towards my target on a financial year basis.

Between 1 April 2008 and 31 March 2010, over 40,000 cycle parking spaces were delivered across the Greater London Authority area by TfL and its delivery partners including the boroughs, Network Rail, train operating companies and private developers. Cycle parking spaces were delivered on street, at stations, schools and workplaces, at residences along cycle superhighway routes, and at new developments having been secured through the planning process on planning applications which are referable to me.

All spaces funded by TfL are secure, in that they allow both the frame and the wheel of the bike to be secured to the parking stand with a cycle lock or locks. At least 5,600 spaces have been provided in a facility with restricted public access. There are likely to be many more than this in practice, as TfL does not have a record of whether cycle parking stands that have been provided to workplaces are located within secure facilities, though the expectation is that they would be. Similarly TfL receives only a record of the number of stands delivered by boroughs with TfL funding, but not their precise location.

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