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Story of London 2010 – number of events

Question number2833/2010
Meeting date15/09/2010

Question by Dee Doocey

The previous Story of London had 520 events in total, according to research carried out by ICM for the Mayor’s Office. Why has this been reduced to c.100 this year?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Following evaluation and discussion with partners involved in Story of London 2009, it was agreed that we should produce the festival in 2010 with a more tightly focused theme, over a shorter period, and with a smaller number of events. This has enabled us to programme the festival in a more selective way, and will enable us to raise and maintain media / public interest more effectively over the period of delivery - plus with a smaller number of events each event receives a greater degree of public attention, something which partners said they would greatly value.

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