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Air Pollution hotspots

Question number1989/2010
Meeting date09/06/2010

Question by Mike Tuffrey

In MQ 1634/2010 you stated that in Paris special measures, such as road closures, are only used when PM10 concentrations reach 350 ug/m3 (which last happened in Paris in 1997). What is the criteria you have used to select 'hotspot' measures (eg days expected to exceeded a mean concentration of PM10 of 50 ug/m3) in your draft Air Quality Strategy (eg Marylebone Road and Euston Road)?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

Modelling for my draft Air Quality Strategy suggests that there will be no locations with relevant public exposure that will exceed the PM10 annual mean limit value in 2011. However, there remain a small number of locations near the busiest roads in central London where the gap between modelled concentrations and the limit value is very small. My Strategy proposes applying targeted packages of measures at these priority locations, which will improve air quality while ensuring that traffic continues to run smoothly. These measures include the application of dust suppressants to road surfaces, better enforcement against idling vehicles and deploying the cleanest buses on routes that serve these locations.

My Strategy also includes proposals to implement special measures for the highest air pollution days to protect the health of Londoners. Further details about the measures most appropriate for London will be included in my final Air Quality Strategy, which is expected to be published in autumn 2010.

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