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Handheld Weapon Scanners

Question number1476/2010
Meeting date19/05/2010

Question by Joanne McCartney

Following MQT 1319 / 2010, why does the MPS not know how many handheld weapons scanners they have brought since 2000 and how many criminals have been caught due to their use?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

The MPS does not capture information on the purchase of individual products on its finance system and therefore cannot confirm the number purchased, without a comprehensive analysis of individual invoices.

The MPS does not collect information on arrests arising from the use of such hand-held scanners. Hand-held scanners were initially used only in custody suites but, following

enhanced search operations from 2008 to address weapon carriage, these devices are now used more frequently. They have the benefit of limiting unnecessary searching, less disruption to the public and they increase the safety for both the public and the officer.

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Joanne McCartney