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Question number0918/2010
Meeting date17/03/2010

Question by Darren Johnson

Can you provide me with the number of staff who earn more than £135,000 in the GLA and each of the functional bodies?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

The GLA has three employees earning more than £135,000.

LFEPA have four employees earning more than £135,000.

In the LDA there are 3 employees earning more than £135,000.

There is one member of staff in the MPA who earns more than £135,000.

Given the tough economic climate, the Commissioner and the TfL Remuneration Committee have agreed that salaries for TfLÂ’s senior staff were frozen for 2009-10 and performance related payments were reduced. Currently 80 members of staff earn more than £135,000.

London is a principal centre of the global economy and needs world-class managers to run and upgrade its transport system. Londoners deserve the best transport system achievable and we look to recruit the people that can deliver it.

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