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Removing the WEZ

Question number0445/2009
Meeting date25/02/2009

Question by Murad Qureshi

What impact does TfL advise that removing the WEZ will have on traffic numbers in the area? Will vehicle numbers be monitored specifically in the zone and will you publish these figures? If numbers are predicted or shown to rise, what will you do to mitigate for this?

Answer by Boris Johnson (1st Term)

If the performance of the road network remains at current levels, TfL estimates that removing the western extension to the Central London congestion charging scheme would increase traffic entering the extension area during charging hours by 10-15% over current levels. Traffic circulating within the area would rise by some 7-12%.

It is important to state that the congestion rate did not change following the introduction of the WEZ.

TfL intends to monitor key traffic volume indicators to assess the impacts of the removal of the scheme and will publish the results in due course.

As I have previously described, I am already working with TfL on a range of measures to:

- Reviewing traffic signals

- Working with utility providers to manage roadworks more effectively

- Allowing motorcycles to use red route bus lanes on a trial basis from Jauary 2009

- Improving procedures to respond more efficiently to incidents which cause congestion

- Reviewing schemes that could reduce the capacity of the road network

- Promoting walking and cycling

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