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Question number1807/2007
Meeting date18/07/2007

Question by Roger Evans

How can you justify an advertising spend of £58.71 million since 2003 (as outlined in your answer to question 1394/2007)? In the first fourth months of this year alone, you have spent more on advertising (£5.69 million) than the Department for Transport (DfT) have budgeted for the entire year, for the whole country (£5 million). Why does TfL need to spend more on advertising in London, than the DfT on advertising in the whole country?

Answer by Ken Livingstone (2nd Term)

We do not believe comparisons with the DfT to be relevant; TfL is an operational transport company with the wide range of communications responsibilities concomitant with operating one of the world¿s largest integrated transport networks. The DfT has no such obligations. Having said that, according to independent figures, the DfT has spent £44.1m on advertising since 2003, including £10.9m in 2006.

The average annual spend of TfL on advertising since 2003 to date is c£13.55m. Issues covered by this budget include:

¿ Saving the lives of Londoners (Road Safety campaigns directed at the most vulnerable road users including children and Safer Travel At Night campaign) - average combined spend of c.£4.9m per year

¿ The response to the events of 7 July 2005 (with a great deal of customer information required, together with the highly effective `Everyone¿s London¿ campaign designed to encourage visitors back to the capital) ¿ total spend, across 2005/6 and 2006/7, of c.£3.5m

¿ Important information about transport schemes which Londoners and visitors need to understand clearly ¿ Oystercard, service changes and the introduction of the Congestion Charge and the Low Emission Zone ¿ average combined spend of c.£7.2m per year

All TfL campaigns are carefully planned against clear objectives and are independently evaluated whenever possible. Media expenditure is rigorously audited to ensure value for money and TfL campaigns regularly receive awards for achievement.

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